Visualize protein chromatograms from up to 206 CF-MS experiments.

First, select a species.

Next, specify an identifier (e.g., gene name, UniProt ID, or eggNOG orthogroup) and choose up to five proteins to plot.

This will generate a list of CF-MS datasets containing all of the selected proteins. Choose up to four datasets at once in which to plot chromatograms for the selected proteins.

To see a full list of datasets and their associated metadata, such as species or fractionation approach, see the "Metadata" tab.
Download data
Explore consensus CF-MS interactomes for 27 species or clades.

Specify a species or clade, and up to ten proteins for which to plot protein interaction networks.
Download data

The CF-MS explorer is a project of the Foster laboratory at the University of British Columbia.

This interactive web application allows users to explore co-fractionation mass spectrometry (CF-MS) profiles of a protein or proteins of interest in a resource of 206 uniformly re-processed CF-MS experiments.

The data underlying this resource is available for download at several levels of analysis. Raw MaxQuant outputs can be downloaded from PRIDE (accession: PXD022048). Processed protein chromatograms, such as those plotted here, can be downloaded from Zenodo (doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4106578). Finally, data for a subset of proteins of interest can be downloaded directly from the web application.

Correspondence should be addressed to Leonard Foster (foster at msl dot ubc dot ca).